High-ranking gang member arrested for the sixth time in Baja California

A high-ranking gang member in the structure of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), considered a “high-priority” target by authorities, has been arrested — for the sixth time in 13 years.

Armando Miramontes Ordaz, also known as “El Coco,” was detained Thursday in Tijuana with drugs and a firearm in his possession.

Miramontes is suspected to be the leader of a criminal organization associated with the CJNG known as Los Erres or R4 and has been active in Baja California since at least 2004.

Mexico News Daily

Police said in a statement that Miramontes’ criminal record dates back to that year when he was arrested in Baja California for possession of drugs. The following year he was arrested in Tijuana on drug charges and for stealing a vehicle.

In 2006, Miramontes was arrested while in the act of committing a crime with a firearm. An arrest warrant was issued against him early 2007 for carrying an unauthorized gun, being fulfilled the following year.

Army personnel arrested him once more in 2010 for criminal association, kidnapping and organized crime.

A new arrest warrant against Miramontes was carried out in 2012, but he was absolved of the charge of criminal association two years later.

Source: http://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/gang-leader-arrested-for-the-sixth-time/

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