Transportation workers blocked access to the Constellation Brands Brewery

MEXICALI, Baja California (GH) Transporters that belong to the Confederation of Mexican Workers (Confederación de Trabajadores de México CTM), which is one of the largest and more powerful unions in our country, blocked the access to the facilities of the Constellation Brands Brewery in Mexicali due to the fact that they have not recieved payment for their trucking services.

The Secretary General, Manuel Gamiño, indicated that the company has not responded to payments from contractors who provide the service from November 2016.

Transporters blocked access to the facilities of the Constellation Brands brewery due to non-payment. (Photo: La Cronica)

“Approximately the debit amounts to 12 million pesos and it was from November that has gone dragging the same, affecting about 180 workers, “he said.

There are about 40 trucks that remain blocking the access to units of the brewery located on the road to San Felipe.

Source: La Crónica

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