”No young people should stay out of school or without the chance to fulfill their dreams” Patricia Ríos

Patricia Rios

Mexicali, B.C., Thursday, August 24, 2017.- In the framework of the recent celebration of the International Youth Day, the Congresslady Blanca Patricia Ríos López made a call, to join efforts and build a better environment for the young people of Baja California.

Before the local congress, she emphasized the position of the PRI Parliamentary Group to work for the youth, understand their needs, and build alliances to benefit the new generations”.

The legislator said that a young man should not be allowed to remain without studying, or without the chance to fulfill their dreams, we will fight to leave a better world for the future generations.”

Patricia Rios

She also expressed: “we break the patterns of the past, we face the challenges with responsibility, we as the people’s representatives have a great task, which is to build the legal framework that gives youth a greater participation and better spaces, we move from words to facts and this Legislature will work for the young people of Baja California. ”

She also urged the youth to create their own opportunities and build their own future: “the horizon is promising if we strive, if we prepare ourselves, if we leave behind that stereotype that relates youth with inexperience, we have demonstrated our ability to work for the people, and we will dedicate our energy to become a role model. ”

“Young people are the present, the construction of a better society is in our hands” she concluded.


Press release issued by the XXII Baja California Legislature

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