Mexicali to host a National Maquiladora Industry “Index” Meeting

High executives from the maquiladora sector of 21 cities throughout Mexico will meet on September 20 and 21 in Mexicali to hold the Meeting of the National Maquiladora Industry Council; which is a series of round tables that are carried out on a monthly basis.

Usually, these meetings are held in Mexico City, however at the request of the local “Index Mexicali” Group the executives were asked to come to Mexicali, in order to promote and position this important city diverse productive sectors maquiladora leaders.

The president of “Index Mexicali”, Salvador Maese, said that by that date there will be progress on how the “modernization” of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is going, and this subject will be discussed as one of the fundamental topics during the event.

Legislators and the president of the National Conference of Governors, Miguel Angel Mancera, head of government of Mexico City, is also invited.

The last meeting of this type that was held in Mexicali was in 2011.

Salvador Maese concluded saying that the arrival of these maquiladora leaders to the city will also serve as a source of business tourism, for service providers of this industry.


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