Public transportation in Mexicali: Improvement program to work the next 10-20 years

After years of suffering one of the worst and most expensive transportation systems in Mexico, a crisis has exploded in Mexicali Public Transportation System which is a concession granted by the city to several private companies who don’t provide a good service to users and employ unprepared uneducated drivers who put lives of users, pedestrian and other drivers in danger, so the heads of the companies and a development organization form Mexicali presented a 10-20 year old project to improve the service in Mexicali

The transportation sector supports the eleven companies’ joint operation aiming to consolidate urban mobility in the city, an effort taking place that’s being backed up by the Mexicali Economic Development Council (CEDEM), an organization which advocates the project that seeks to solve the city’s public transportation issues.

CDEM President of Urban Mobilization, Manuel Diaz Lerma, presented the council’s project altogether with the operators of the public transportation concessionary companies through their spokesperson, Doctor Rafael Naranjo Reyes.

The honor witnesses were Jesús Padilla Zenteno, Transportation and Mobility Mexican Association President; Carlos Valdés Mariscal, from FONADIN –BANOBRAS (development bank) and  Luis Alfonso Vizcarra, Mexicali Public Transportation System Director.

Mr. Naranjo said that the concessionaries joined the CDEM effort which has a long term and a middle term plan and said: “We want to state clearly that this project won’t improve transportation overnight, it is a 10 to 20 year project”.

Among the most relevant edges of this project is that the concessionary companies will work together as a team and this will reflect on the improvement and quality of the service, and Naranjo promised there won’t be more “races” between buses and other issues that endangered the lives of users as well as drivers and general public, there will be a route re-structuration where the main benefit will for the users.

Naranjo explained that the project includes connections to look after the users’ economies and said: “We are going to work for a real consolidation of the transport modernization in Mexicali, where our sole objective is to give the users a better service”

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