CETYS engineers win third place at international Robotics competition in China

Mexicali, B.C. August 25, 2017.- Most people have the perception that Mexico is a country with poor technological development, however, three students of Engineering of CETYS University, Campus Mexicali, were part of a team that represented Mexico in the “Robot Challenge 2017” held in China, obtaining the bronze medal in this international competition.

Enrique García, Silvia Arámbula and Valeria Núñez students of Engineering in Mechatronics, Electronic Cybernetics and Renewable Energies respectively, are part of the “Fox Robotics” team that traveled to Asia where they competed in 3 categories : robot “sumo” wrestling, robot collection and line follower, obtaining the third place; and demonstrating their knowledge in this field.

“Traveling to China was an incredible experience, there you have the perfect opportunity to test yourself as a human being, student and future professional, as you must overcome a series of challenges. Working as a team is something that we have been encouraged to do at CETYS and being part of “Fox Robotics” brings out our passion for engineering” said Valeria Núñez, fifth semester student of Engineering in Renewable Energies.

Enrique García a seventh semester student of Engineering in Mechatronics, explained that it was very gratifying to realize that the robots made by young people in other countries, are not so different from those that are being made in Mexico.

Meanwhile, Silvia Arámbula, coordinator of Fox Robotics and student of Cybernetics, explained that a factor that characterizes the CETYS engineers, is their vision to fulfill a real objective within an international environment.

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