Harvest of the date begins in Baja California


Mexicali, BC, August 28, 2017. With the objective of harvesting more than 5,000 tons of the fruits of the date palm that is grown in Baja California, the pinch of the date began in Laguna Salada and Valle de Mexicali .

Farmers started  the pinch of the date this weekend, from the early morning hours due to extremely high temperatures that prevail in the region during the summer, so with tools, harness and ladders, these people are given the task of climbing to the top of the palm trees and collect the fruit.

The President of the Baja California State Producers Council, Juanita Martínez Vieyra, explained that the producers of this desert fruit in the Laguna Salada area will harvest an average of 50 tons, because the vast majority are farmers who started in a small scale and their palms are still not old enough to provide fruit for the commercialization, but in approximatelly in a three-year period these plants will be able to do so.

The varieties of this delicious fruit that, for example, are grown in the desert, in the area of ​​Laguna Salada in the ejido Doctor Federico Martínez Manatou are: Medjool, Honey, Barhi and Deglet, the latter being the one with the greatest demand in the international market.


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