Francisco Vega delivered almost 12 MDPs from the migrant support fund in Tijuana and Tecate

TIJUANA, BC- Tuesday, August 29, 2017.- In order to strengthen the work carried out by Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to serve migrants, Governor Francisco “Kiko” Vega de Lamadrid, presided the second delivery of resources to the Migrant Support Fund, which represented almost 12 million pesos for the benefit of 12 associations in Tijuana and one in Tecate.

In the premises of Proyecto Salesiano, located in Colonia Castillo, the State official said that the support granted is part of the Migrant Support Fund, of almost 20 million pesos in the state of Baja California. This was possible thanks to the efforts made by the State Government in coordination with the civil society.

“Baja Californians are always supportive and willing to make a great effort to help the most vulnerable sectors of our society,” the governor said. We are constantly thinking how to solve the problems through citizen participation and government’s actions.

Meanwhile, the Secretary General of Government, Francisco Rueda Gomez, said that in this support was given to 12 CSOs in Tijuana for an overall amount of 10,900,000 pesos and 800,000 more pesos to a another association in Tecate, using federal resources from the Migrant Support Fund.

He noted that the fund contributed slightly more than 20 million pesos for the CSOs of Baja California for the 2017 fiscal year, which was a great achievement since in 2016 the figure was much lower, adding up to only 7 million pesos.

En total el Fondo de Apoyo a Migrantes a nivel estatal alcanzó la cifra de más de 20 millones de pesos en 2017 (Photo: El Vigia)

Congress lady Alfa Peñaloza Valdez, stated that for this year Baja California received extraordinary resources for the attention of migrants, which are destined to support the CSOs that help those who arrive to the state in search of better opportunities, and the government needs to create favorable living conditions for the people in this situation.

The representative of one of these associations and Director of Proyecto Salesiano, Father Agustín Novoa Leyva, thanked the state government for this important support, and declared that migration is not a characteristic exclusive to border cities but to any area in ​​the world. But particularly in the case of Tijuana, this situation is lived and experienced by all members of society, and the CSO he represents will continue to join efforts to provide assistance.

At the event, Governor Francisco Vega was also accompanied by his wife and President of DIF, Mrs. Brenda Ruacho de Vega; Federal representative, Maria Luisa Sánchez Meza and on behalf of the migrants, Mr. Filiberto Palomera Márquez.

Press release issued by the State Goverment of Baja California

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