Internet airplane ticket scheme could amount up to 300 million pesos in a typical Ponzi Pyramid scheme

Sad ending for people who bought “ultra-cheap” tickets on the Internet
A company perpetrated the fraud through a pyramid scheme to allegedly commit a multi-million fraud

Some of the sales people from Maroma de Mexico
Algunos de los vendedores de Maroma de México

A fraud that could add up to 300 million pesos and even more, the special very low prices that a Company offered for airplane tickets via WhatsApp turned out to be a big hoax, perpetrated by a company that began selling ticket at ridiculously low prices to fly to Europe or Asia, in such a way that they were recommended among friends and family who had already bought and traveled at very low prices.

The air fares offered by a company named Via Maroma de Mexico S.A. de C.V., who offered unbelievably low priced tickets, for example two tickets to Tokyo round trip for 26 thousand pesos, when the lowest air fare for that trip would be 20 thousand for each ticket (round trip).

Many people bought tickets with this company because they had relatives and friends who had already bought with Maroma and traveled at exaggerate low prices, with no problem at all, but recently the problems started for people who had acquired tickets in a long term basis (which was a requirement by the company) when they received e-mails from a Mexican airline saying that they didn’t acknowledge those tickets as valid.

People started to ask the company owner Monica Maria Rabay Ganem, for refunds but didn’t get any answer at all and now there are at least 70 legal suits against Maroma and Rabay and there could be many more of them.


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