• Gustavo Sánchez Vásquez multiple-use court with metal roof in Junior High School 11.
  • Cover construction and rehabilitation for Elementary School Niños Héroes


With more than two million pesos investment, improvements and rehabilitation of facilities of an elementary and a junior high school in Los Naranjos housing project in Mexicali, were officially opened by Mayor Gustavo Sanchez Vazquez, which include (besides general improvement in both schools) a new multiple use court and a metallic cover, in both schools Mayor Sanchez was with the Public Works Director Francisco Reynoso Ambriz and parents and students.

Mayor Sánchez said that these improvement works will allow students to have an adequate space where to gather to continue preparing themselves for the future and also said that it is a priority for the City Government to offer youth and children better infrastructure to carry on different activities within their schools so they can keep on studying more enthusiastically and with better results.

He also said that in the City Budget for 2018 Mexicali City Council will keep giving high priority to works in the most needed communities, to grant tranquility and security to Mexicali families and will keep reinforcing the public security in the housing projects that require it the most, with better equipment for the City Police Department and recovering green areas aiming to offer adequate spaces and places where all the families con meet and share time together, finally Mayor Sanchez invited all the students to honor their parents and continue studying and prepare for a better future.



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