Nissan Foundation donates an elementary school to Mexicali

A new public school opened in La Condesa section of Mexicali, as a donation of Nissan automobile company with an investment of about 6 million 200 pesos and it will host 700 students, the name of the school will be Distribuidores Nissan Elementary School number 87, and it was paid for and built by the Nissan dealership in Mexicali, said Miguel Angel Mendoza González, Baja California State Education Secretary who led the ceremony with Nissan representatives and Mexicali Mayor Gustavo Sanchez.

The school has six classrooms, a multimedia classroom, computers, dining room, two offices, a civic ceremony patio, a flagpole, two restrooms, a warehouse, school furniture and air condition, the Foundation also gave the school uniforms and didactic materials, so Secretary Mendoza said that these actions are an excellent indicator of how well the State Administration led by Governor Kiko Vega can join forces with the private sector in order to benefit Baja California

He emphasized the commitment of Nissan Foundation with Baja California education sector and remarked the healthy custom of Baja Californians of seeking solutions altogether to the problems affecting the State, and he invited the students to take advantage of the opportunity Nissan Foundation is giving them, by studying and developing and growing in their scholar achievements.

Mayor Sanchez said that he felt very glad with this new school in Mexicali and thanked the foundation for giving Mexicali such a gift to students and teachers and invited all the people to be more citizens than mere inhabitants and on behalf of about one million Mexicali residents he thanked Nissan Foundation for their donation and their contribution to the State education system.

Hermán Morfín, Carlos Escoto and Enrique Carmona, from NISSAN Foundation, recalled that the Company has been operating in Baja California for 52 years and it has more than 250 collaborators, and that they have donated nine schools during the current scholar cycle aiming to provide children with adequate spaces to develop and grow studying.

On behalf of the students, Eduali Airam Inzunza Atondo, female student, thanked the donation and said that it provides an excellent space to study and motivates boys and girls to attend school so they can build a better future for themselves by studying and preparing responsibly for the times to come, and she said that this act from the foundation will always be part of her life and of her classmates lives.


  1. Thanks for reading, we must have forgotten to mention that there are six classrooms and two shifts so it would be a 5o something student rate for each classroom.
    Thanks again ande keep following the baja post

  2. Ok, l kinda thought so. Still learning school routines among other thing’s. Born in East LA, but going to Baja since 1942, age 2 on West coast. Like it much better in San Felipe! Like Mexicali for shopping. Everyone has treated us like family. Very grateful to live here.

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