More hotels under construction in Mexicali

The hotel construction projects in Mexicali continue, and the Sleep Inn, is being built by Lázaro Cárdenas and Carranza, said the president of the Mexican Chamber of Construction Industry (CMIC) Mexicali.

Alfredo Gómez stated that the project belongs to a Sinaloa company that will make the investment in Mexicali.

Sleep Inn hotels have presence in Culiacán, Torreón, Hermosillo, Mazatlán, Monterrey and Tuxtla Gutiérrez.

On a article posted by LA VOZ DE LA FRONTERA it is stated that there is already machinery working in the field located next to a well-known beverage company.

The president of the CMIC said that there are about five new hotels under construction and under project, plus two newly opened this year.
In the Zona Dorada a Marriot hotel is being built, in front of the recently inaugurated Extended Suites, in addition to the HYA in Carranza and Cetys, developed by the firm Hermosillo and Associates.

In Benito Juárez, a new hotel will be built next to a famous Chinese restaurant. Another establishment in Justo Sierra, where the restaurant “La Carnicería” was, although apparently the projects are stopped or no progress is observed.
“Since last year we can see new hotels, new shopping centers. Right now we have several hotels under construction process and others in project stage, but it is a reality that the construction industry is booming in our city.”

He added that this spectrum of private construction has helped to keep market alive in the city of Mexicali.

Public work

On whether companies have closed the sector, Alfredo Gómez said: “the companies that are dedicated to public work have reported a significant reduction in work volume.”

Some builders have stopped their machinery and dismissed qualified personnel in the absence of contracts.

He exemplified that the National Water Commission this year barely made two or three tenders “very small indeed, 1 million 800 thousand pesos or 2 million pesos and now are under review.”

Given the lack of public works, what they have asked the federal and state government is “to privilege local private companies.”


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