64-year-old man lives without basic services in Mexicali

“I live in an abandoned trailer without the basic services of water, electricity, because I can not afford anything better”, says Rogelio Montoya Rodríguez, 64 years old, who is dedicated to the collection and sale of materials for recycling.

“At night I sleep here or there,” he says, pointing out some corners of the small courtyard that surrounds his home, which avoids risking his health in the high temperatures that arise during the night.
“There are times when neighbors give me water or electric power to carry out some domestic activities”, he says, “which allows me to bathe, prepare food, perform my physiological needs, among other things, but it is not enough”.

He explianed that some kind of appliance to refresh the environment inside his home would be one of the main needs he has at the moment, as well as a tricycle to work, as the one he owns is in poor condition.

Rogelio’s routine begins at 4:00 a.m., in Colonia Aviación and ends three blocks from his house, which is located on Benjamín Flores Avenue.

Around 9:30 am, he returns to his home, where he separates plastic, glass, cardboard, aluminum, copper and iron, to sell it in the recycler located on Avenida Reforma Agraria and 23rd Street; 18 blocks away from home.

Source: https://www.lavozdelafrontera.com.mx/

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