New justice system can’t be blamed for insecurity crisis in Mexico: Baja California Chief Justice


The oral justice system which was implemented in Baja California and then in the rest of Mexico is not the cause of the insecurity crisis in Baja California and the resto of the country, nevertheless there are voices and critics of the system that consider it too be so, nevertheless and some Government officers talk about a “revolving door” by which criminals come and go, but the head of the Judiciary Branch of Baja California, does not think so.

95% of the cases submitted to Courts end up in arraignment within the New Criminal Justice System (NSJP in Spanish) of Baja California, the remaining 5% are not due to illegal detention issues, according to the State’s Superior Justice Court President, Jorge Armando Vazquez.

Blaming the NSJP for the insecurity problems is not correct, this situation is the result of a social problematic as a whole, said Vazquez who doesn’t agree with the general opinion that the NSJP is to blame for the crime wave that seems to grow in Mexicali, Baja California and all over the country.

Mexico needs to mature and face the reality about a new justice system which has worked I many “first world”, but it seems that Mexicans can’t get over the corruption and their idiosyncrasy doesn’t help them at all when they try to implement such an advanced Law concept.

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