PUEBLO: Two Californias celebrating Mexico’s culinary heritage

Just two block from the ocean, in San Diego’s Pacific Beach enclave, Pueblo brings a bit of the Baja coast to San Diego. In a culinary fashion, Pueblo reunites the two Californias as they once were, into single territorial palate. Just as would be found on the peninsula to our south, Pueblo’s menu offers dishes derived from the coastal communities of Baja…contemporary chef-driven plates fueled by regional ingredients, emphasizing seafood and lighter preparations…yet often influenced by traditional dishes and spices that celebrate Mexico’s culinary heritage.

The restaurant’s two bars, indoors and on the rooftop deck, pour beer and wine from both sides of the border, and also offer a varied selection of tequila and agave-based spirit cocktails. Seating is laid out to seamlessly transition into an open courtyard and rooftop deck, with a design that is airy and modern, yet retains rustic architecture details that inspired the Pueblo name.

Pueblo is not an old-world Mexican food restaurant. Their inspiration and recipes are rooted in Baja’s colorful culinary traditions. From their dishes to their drinks, they use local ingredients prepared with authentic techniques for fresh unique creations.

Chef Eduardo Rosales has spent the last 20 years developing his culinary skills as chef, restaurant owner, and educator in South America and Mexico. Leading the culinary experience at Pueblo, Chef Rosales infuses his cross-cultural sensibilities and passion for sustainable food practices into a vibrant, creative menu with deep Baja roots and an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients.

Taco Tuesday at Pueblo

Source: https://www.pueblopb.com/

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