Ceviche Fest, huge success in San Felipe: Gustavo Sanchez

.- More than 1 thousand 500 attendants.
.- Hotel occupancy of 95%.
.- More than thirty different dishes.

With an important affluence of tourists, either national or international, the Ceviche Fest 2017 took place the last weekend in San Felipe’s Malecón (boardwalk of sorts) and was an utter success with more than one thousand 500 people attending and a hotel occupancy that surpassed 95% of the port’s capacity, said Mexicali Mayor, Gustavo Sanchez Vazquez.

He added that it was a joint effort between merchants, organizers, commerce and trade chambers, who developed and promoted this event which fosters and strengthens the town’s economy.

The National Restaurant Industry of San Felipe was a very important factor that contributed to the event’s success, and Mayor Sanchez assured that there will be a continuous and steady promotion of Mexicali City and Valley as well as San Felipe port, through the COTUCO, which is the Tourism and Convention Promotion Committee of Mexicali.

He said that it is very important to promote some of the other vocations of Mexicali, such as the medical tourism and business tourism, and reiterated that this was the seventh time the Ceviche Fest takes place where there were more than 30 varieties of this traditional dish which is a raw fish salad, specially prepared and with several diverse recipes, with famous chefs , Ilean Padilla, Marco Antonio Amador and Miguel Ángel Guerrero, who showed their best ceviche preparaed for the attendants and to participate as judges in the Ceviche Competition which took place as main attraction of the Ceviche Fest 2017.

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