Cleaning operation all over Mexicali: Municipal Public Services direction

In order to improve the urban environment in Mexicali, the 22nd City Council of Mexicali carried out an operation to clean up several spots on several parts of the city, through the Public Service Direction, which is led by Carlos Flores who said that the last works took place in Niños Héroes Park, near the Calexico border crossing.

The cleaning brigade worked rehabilitating the park lights, removing garbage, debris and waste, cleaning of the fountain, and the trees and palms were trimmed, this was the first stage of the operative which continues in the surroundings of the fair and Exposition Center (PEX), which consisted on removing garbage and trash from the empty ground lots around the center.

Flores explained that since last week, rthe trimming and mowing works in palms, bushes, trees and lawn on Río Nuevo Boulevard, from Calzada Independencia to Ciudad Victoria Avenue, as well as the manual and automated sweeping of a big part of Rio Nuevo Blvd. all over central median ande the side lanes, and several other cleaning and sweeping on surrounding streets.

Floras also mentioned that the Direction he heads keeps serving Mexicali residents so he reminded the community that they can approach the City Administration to report any street 3which may require attention or call 686 556 9650.

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