Five more rickettsia related deaths in Mexicali

Rickettsiosis continues to claim fatalities in the city of Mexicali, on Friday September 1, the Health sector of Baja California revealed that five deaths were confirmed by the spread of this disease transmitted by the bite of the brown tick, 14 deaths have been caused by this disease so far this year.

The head of the ISESALUD Department of Epidemiology, Néstor Saúl Hernández reported that in the five most recent cases in Mexicali, the victims were 4 women (ages 31, 41, 19, 6) and a 23 year-old man.

The doctor warned that the common denominator in all these cases was the fact that they received late medical attention. In order to be able to successfully be treated of this disease, patients have 4 days from the day of infection, if treatment is received after the 5th, day the result could be fatal.

These 5 five fatal victims were residents of the Agualeguas, Santa Cecilia, Robledo, Huertas del Colorado and el Centinela neighborhoods.

This year the Health sector has treated more than a thousand cases of tick bites, it is highly recommended to the population that in case of being bitten by a tick they go to a hospital as soon as possible to receive medical attention, symptoms of rickettsiosis include fever, nausea and headache.


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