Forest fire near Ensenada is 60% controled: Forest Fire State Control Center

The forest fire that broke up in Las Golondrinas Ranch, and burned about 2 thousand near Ensenada, has been controlled in 60% and it is expected to be totally controlled within the next few hours, according to the National Forest Commission (CONAFOR in Spanish), according to some versions the fire started when some vandals lit a car in a grass meadow which caught fire, next to Las Golondrinas Ranch.

The  fire started Wednesday August 30th and the high temperatures weather conditions, low humidity and hard winds provoked a fast advanced of the fire, according to the Forest Fire Control State Center (CEPCIF in Spanish) which reported that the fire has been controlled up to 60^ and the active fire sites have diminished intensity which, altogether with the high humidity and cloudy skies will help to put out the fire very fast, but in the end there have been 50 hectares of Pinus Attenuata, in the Ruiz Cortinez “ejido”, this tree species is very adaptable to fire and after it ends it starts a germination and wood renovation process.

The forest authorities advised the people to be careful when lighting bonfires and avoid burning garbage and currently the region is going through the critical season regarding forest fires, any reports about fires or smoke, dial 911 or 01800 4623 6346 to report them.

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