MEXICAN Web site uncovers billionaire fraud by Mexico’s federal Government

MEXICO IS A GOVERNMENT WHICH CONS the people who elected it “democratically”, a country with huge injustice, where the exercise of corruption from the power granted by a federal cabinet position is routine, thus ANIMAL POLITICO (a web site) shows us the manner in which PEMEX, which could be one of the biggest oil companies and could place Mexico among the most powerful countries, is nothing but a black hole of corruption and nefariousness.

SAD that there had been public universities which had helped on this and that names such as Alfredo del Mazo (Mexico State Governor) Emilio Lozoya (PEMEX Director), Rosario Robles (distinguished member of Peña’s cabinet and former left wing teen militant)  and Ruiz Esparza Secretary of Communications and Transportation (guilty of the sinkhole that killed two people in Acapulco highway) and the rest of the government garbage which rules Mexico are accomplices on the fraud of the century and more than that they are the royalty and nobility in a reign where the dirtiest swine’s of corruption are “respected government officials”.

In Mexico, corruption is a religion and justice is something that doesn’t exist and when it does it’s only to serve the most powerful and help them to stump over those who they should be serving and not robbing and killing, Mexico is in a Whirl pool of shit.

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