President Peña’s fifth State of the Union: Orwellian reality


The fifth State of the Union by Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto was a model of wishful thinking.

The President and his group, see a reality that no Mexican can perceive as they do.

He describes a country that only exists in his (and collaborators) vision of Mexico.

They don’t have any trouble getting their paychecks every 15 days, as the resto of Mexicans do.

They don’t see anything wrong when they do business with companies that get Government contracts.

They look at people’s eyes, lying and deceiving them and don’t feel any remorse.

They have created an alternate reality by way of double-talk, such as the one in George Orwell’s 1984.

Mexico has more than 60 million extremely poor, impoverished people living in pathetic conditions.

They investigate themselves to determine if there was corruption in cases that involve them.

They want to appoint their own attorney to lead the Anticorruption System, to “cover their trail”.

People lose jobs, organized crime takes over many regions, and he stares at the camera to say all is fine.

Mexico’s President sees progress, excellent education levels, economic growth and other good things.

The people feels deceived, are unemployed and disappointed, they pay very high prices for gasoline.

Electricity is a really expensive utility, which was supposed to lower with the so called Energy Reform.

Mexico navigates towards a very stormy sea, year 2018, Presidential election year in Mexico.

The acceptation levels for President Peña are down, almost the lowest in several decades.

For the people in the President’s team there’s no problem, they just enjoy the sweet taste of power.


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