Immigrant kidnappers detained in Mexicali Valley

Pedro Omar “N”, an alleged kidnapper was detained by the State Attorney’s Office through the Special Office of Special Investigation, according to the reports he is part of a crime organization that kidnaps immigrants, that arrive to the Mexico-US border looking for the American Dream and end up living a nightmare.

Two people were reported to the C4 center, they were hurt in the park of the community known as Ejido Jalisco in Mexicali valley, both were from the state of Oaxaca, and they stated that they had been kidnapped and kept captive in a house in the afore mentioned community, they managed to escape, that is why they were hurt.

The Attorney’s office requested the warrant to a Judge and agents went to the address where the immigrants were kept locked and they arrested the alleged kidnapper, he is locked in the Provisional Detention Center, where the arraignment hearing will soon be appointed.

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