Seventeen people with outstanding warrants detained by Coordinated Police Operation

Seventeen people were arrested in Mexicali Valley, as a result of special operations carried out by the State Attorney’s Office Police from the Investigation Task Force unit in Morelos City (Mexicali Valley) in a coordinated action with the Public Security Secretary and Mexicali Police Department according to Mexicali Under-Attorney Fernando Ramírez Amador who said that this comes as a consequence of the Baja California Coordination Group and as part of the Crusade Against Insecurity, the detentions took place in Lázaro Cárdenas and n Benito Juárez communities in Mexicali Valley.

He also said that they have doubled the efforts and have intensified the actions in areas which are considered as high crime rate risks all over the valley, the city and in San Felipe port aiming to diminish

The Police agents made a surveillance round, attending citizens demand which said that, in several spots of the Valley there were people gathering in different places to do drugs they also set up check points in different spots in order to check people with outstanding warrants and to identify stolen cars, the seventeen detained people were sent to the authorities and they will have their “day in court” very soon.



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