Chinese community in Mexicali celebrates the New Year

With the arrival of the new Moon, the Chinese community in Mexicali celebrates the New Year, which is number 4716 and the emblematic animal is the dog. For two weeks they will celebrate what they also call the “spring festival”.

The tradition is to celebrate with the family, perform the lion and dragon dances and use the red color for prosperity. The festivities culminate on March 2 with the Cambodian Lantern Festival with which they illuminate the night sky.

For the Association of the Chinese Community of Mexicali, it is important not to lose roots and strengthen ties with the local community, said Lenng Sin On, director of the Chinese Academy in the city.

After more than 100 years of being in the local community, the objectives of the oriental families continue to be work, effort, forging a society, and healthy interaction with Mexican families. As well as inclusion, as a pillar of coexistence.

Another challenge is to maintain the language and customs that must remain, despise the crossbreeding between marriages of Chinese and Mexican people that are already in the fourth generation. In the Chinese association’s school, about 200 children of Chinese families study, and 90% of them speak their native language.

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