Minor abuse alleged perpetrator was arraigned by the State General Attorney Office

The office of the general attorney of the state of Baja California through the investigation unit manage to achieve arraignment for x allegedly involved in the crime of minor sexual abuse step-daughter 9 years old, during the audience the Guarantees Judge  granted 2 months term for complementary investigation and collection of proofs against him.The day of the incident there was a report through the C4 Emergency Central about a minor being sexually abused in an incident which took place around the community of Islas Agrarias B, in Mexicali Valley, of which the City Police Department took charge and sent a patrol car to the place.

Arriving to the spot, they talked to the attacked  minor and her mother who said that earlier that day, she had left the house to go to her job, so she left her little daughter with her common law husband Ricardo “X”.

On her way to work she noticed she had forgotten her sunglasses, so she came back to the house, when she opened her bedroom door she saw Ricardo taking off  his pants and her daughter sitting in the bed with her pants down, really impressed by such a scene, she asked her sister-in-law, who was in the kitchen, to call nine-one-one.

The alleged abuser was arrested and sent to a temporary detention center he was sent to the Provost provisional temporal detention installations and he’s at the disposition of the guarantee judge to for the initial audience where he was arraigned


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