Mexicali Mayor announces the upcoming 155th Anniversary of Baja California capital

The Calafia bullfight Arena in the capital city of Baja California, was the stage where Mexicali Mayor, Gustavo Sanchez Vazquez and  with his wife Margarita Flores President of DIF Mexicali, as well as all the City councilors, held a press conference to inform about the activities calendar for Mexicali 115th anniversary, next 14th of March, a series of celebrations that will go on from March 1st to March 31st.

He said that during March there will be more than 50 artistic, cultural, gastronomic and sports events so the residents of the city the valley and the Port of San Felipe can get to enjoy the Anniversary of the city, said Mayor Sanchez.

“Nowadays, Mexicali is a growing and developing city formed by hundreds of families who came from all over the country, immigrants searching for better chances for their families, fostering the economy and well-being in the city, the valley and San Felipe”, he tolde reporters from all the media outlets in the city.

He also said that, as part of these anniversary activities and trying to remark the importance of Mexicali as a border city, and to strengthen the brotherly links with the city of Calexico, California there will be a binational concert as of March 16th the first time that such a thing is done by both communities.

The concert will take place on Colon Avenue on the Mexican side of the border, with music played by the Rio Nuevo Orchestra, while on the “other side” of the Border, there will be American musicians performing thus this will become a real binational concert

Sanchez Vazquez said that the main goal of this concert is to foster the good relation between both cities and to sent a message of unity between the two countries, far away from walls and with the purpose of strengthening the links between Mexican and American communities here.

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