Mexico 2018: Absurd and preposterous promises of three ambitious politicians


National Registration for the Necessities of Each Person, a salary for each Mexican only for being Mexican, give 3 thousand 300 pesos a month for each NINI (young people who don’t study or work) a fast-track train from Cancun to Palenque, universal pensions for older senior citizens in Mexico, these are only some of the promises that the three presidential candidates with real chances to win the 2018 election are making Mexicans.

Incoherence is the common point among José Meade and Ricardo Anaya, and it doesn’t allow them to see that people, regardless if they are good or bad candidates, are fed up with Mexico’s political system, so there are many Mexicans who will vote for Lopez Obrador only because they don’t want any more Blue (PAN) or Red (PRI) and that opens the doors to Andres Manuel so he may become President at last after trying two times in 2006 and 2012 Presidential elections.

It seems pathetic and sad, Jose and Ricardo don’t seem to see Reality, and it doesn’t do them any good, they are making promises and illogical propositions, maybe due to desperation to keep the power as if they hadn’t been an authoritarian tyrant for about 75 years (PRI) or to come back to it (PAN) after twelve years doing nothing to maintain the power and having fallen to a shameful 3rd place electoral preferences of Mexicans.
Nevertheless, the fact that Lopez Obrador is an alternative that many Mexicans see as the real opposition, doesn’t mean that he could be up to the people’s expectations in case he won the Presidential Election 2018, besides that many militants from all the parties and tendencies are joining him, and if he won the election there could be a riot among all those politicians joining him just to get to the power.


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