2018: The year of La Tomasa SKA Band coming of age

This year looks good for the Mexicali SKA band La Tomasa, they are starting 2018 in the best way they could, they are selling their first album “Ladrando SKA” which is available in digital stores and on some commercial spots in Baja California

Besides that, the Group has already booked books important dates for the first trimester of the year, where it will perform along artists such as Inspector Allison, Tijuana NO and Kung Fu Monkeys. In March La Tomasa SKA band will participate in EXPO TATTOO Mexicali an event with international projection with tattoo artists from all over the world.

In February they participated in the Community Festivals Network which was organized by Mexicali Cultural Institute, which was a series of free concerts. It’ll be in March when the group launches its new material called TRECE, which is an extended play with six songs which have already been performed in concert, with names such as “Calafia Surf SKA” and “SKAchanilla”.

In May, according to guitarist Rock Martinez, the band will go on tour around Central Mexico, visiting cities such as Mexico City Tlaxcala, Mexico State, Guadalajara, Aguascalientes, Guanajuato and other cities. “We are talking to promoters from that area, we are negotiating and we believe that we have been doing good promotion so our tour Scott Beer Tour 18 can become a success, it is important to send Baja California talent to other places and states of Mexico, said Rock Martinez.

The group invited the Mexicali audience and fans to support them liking them in their fan page in Facebook and visiting their YouTube channel to be up to date with news about La Tomasa SKA band and more music and information from the ska genre.

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