Neo Lopez Obradores are PAN & PRI drop outs who are boarding Andres Manuel’s ship


Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is sailing cool waters, maybe he won’t be a good candidate as some people think, but people is fed up with both PRI and PAN (political parties) and Mexicans feel that the only one who can win the presidential election this year is Mr. Lopez Obrador, so everyday more and more people from all political parties join what Mr. Lopez has called “Project of a Nation”.
Esteban Moctezuma and Manuel Bartlett, notorious PRI characters, German Martinez Cazares who used to introduce himself as “the Electoral lawyer for Vicente Fox”, Napoleon Gomez Urrutia, former leader of the Miners Union who has been a runaway for years and lives exiled in Canada, Gabriela Cuevas another former PAN militant and many other different characters of all colors see in Mr. Lopez a winner to which they must bet, and they are doing so.
Nevertheless many people question Mr. Lopez about his income source, the most logical thing is to think that he makes a living from the million pesos budget that is delivered to MORENA (his own political party) every year.
Many people think he’s a dangerous person for Mexico and that Mexico would wound up as Venezuela even as preposterous as it may sound, but one thing that can’t be denied is his taste for the cult of personality.
Due to the social and political paralysis and common places of predictable political campaigns such as José Meade’s acts and statements, and the PAN members massive drop out that some think has been propelled by Ricardo Anaya’s imposition as candidate, many politicians from PAN and PRI have chosen to join the one who they feel might be able to win the election, an heterogeneous mix of political currents and ideologies, that may even become the real coalition government that Dante Delgado (Citizen’s Movement party) talks about.
But there is another probability, in case Lopez won the election in July, some or all of this opportunists might be left aside from the new President’s cabinet

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