Seven thousand newborn babies die everyday all over the world

Fuente: Unicef

Seven thousand newborn babies die every day all over the world, according to the last UNICEF reports that stand out that this number of deaths is still alarmingly high, especially among the poorest countries in the world.

More than two million and a half newborn babies die every year before they reach their first month of life and a million of them will die the same day they are born, and from these figures around 80% is caused by premature births, or complications when giving birth or infections such as sepsis, meningitis and pneumonia.

The three main interventions that would save millions of lives are: Access to basic services which are normally out of the babies’ and their mothers reach in the poorest countries.

Notwithstanding the growth in neonatal deaths, which happen before the newborn turns one month old, seven thousand die everyday, not due to a lack of medicine or drugs, but foor structural questions.

In February, UNICEF will present the campaign “Each life counts” aiming to demand and offer solutions to Governments, health professionals, donators, the private sector, families, companies and corporations.

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