Young woman’s alleged killer arrested

The Under-Attorney Office of Special Investigations arrested Delia Isabel Verdugo’s alleged killer, Carlos Javier “N”, 22 years old, was arrested for allegedly murder and dismember Delia Isabel Verdugo Machado, one of the most heinous crimes that have ever been committed in Mexicali’s 115 year history and which has impacted all the city’s residents.

The young woman had disappeared since January 27th and her body parts had been appearing in different places, in a cruel and mean crime that makes people wonder what has been happening with the social tissue which is being torn appart, said Baja California Attorney General, Perla del Socorro Ibarra.

According to State ATtorney’s authorities there had been elements to stablish the idenntity of the alleged murderer since January 28th and yesterday he was detained, the identity of the body parts as those of young Delia Isabel has been determined, and her arms haven’t been found yet.

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