Mexican Professional Soccer Club Necaxa boasts important number of fans in Mexicali

Incredible as it may seem there is an important number of fans of the Necaxa Mexican Professional Soccer Football Club in Mexicali and proof of this is that they are convening their traditional annual meeting where the official photo will be taken.

For several years fans of the Rayos that now reside in Aguascalientes meet to watch the Necaxa games on TV in different restaurants or bars in town.

Over time they realized that there was a good number of followers of this team, so they decided to invite all the Necaxa fans for a group photograph and to demonstrate that in Mexicali there is a large number of Necaxa fans.

In 2018 the appointment is on Sunday February 25 at 3:00 pm at the Mexicali ornamental letters site, on the esplanade in front of the Municipal House.

In 2017 the meeting took place at the monument to Lázaro Cárdenas where they managed to add more than 100 Necaxistas, so this time they expect a slightly larger figure.

In this way the followers of Necaxa will have their manifestation of power in a state more than 2 thousands kilometers away from the cradle and the current house of the Rayos del Necaxa.

It is worth mentioning that Alfredo Azcárate, The Baja Post co-founder and editor in chief belongs to this group, since he has been a fan of the Necaxa Football Club for many decades.


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