160 passengers terrified after malfunction on Monterrey-Mexicali Volaris flight

More than 160 passengers who boarded the flight Y4 187 of the Mexican air carrier Volaris in the city of Monterrey, went through living hell when an intense smell of smoke filled the cabin during take off, and so the pilots had to turn back and make an emergency landing.

The complainants said that instead of evacuating them immediately they were held for long minutes inside the smoke filled plane. They were even more upset when they were told that they would be given free food and lodging, but instead were given a voucher for 150 pesos and left in a waiting room for 24 hours.

They arrived in Mexicali at 08:30 hours. A witness who gave his name, but requested anonymity, said they had just taken off when it began to smell like smoke, then the flight attendants indicated that the pilot was reporting a mechanical failure and was doing all he could to land. The announcement caused a woman and two children to suffer a nervous breakdown.

Sources: OEM, YouTube

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