The Challenge: To find and promote 115 things to do in Mexicali as part of the city anniversary

As part of the 115th celebration of Mexicali Anniversary, Mayor Gustavo Sanchez Vasquez invited all Mexicali residents to choose the “115 things that one might do in Mexicali San Felipe Port and the Valley” an activity which aims to promote the main historical and important sites, the gastronomy and recreational activities as well as cultural and sports attractions  of Mexicali.

Mayor Vázquez, launched the challenge, as part of  Mexicali 115 years celebration, aiming to foster citizen participation to define and assign priority to things that can be done in the capital of California.

“What people suggest will be part of a definitive list of 115 things that one might do or places that can be visited in Mexicali, the Valley and San Felipe, an opportunity to explore places and activities which may be done in the city that would become reference points for those visiting our community”, said Mayor Sanchez.

This challenge will allow people to bust the myth that states that “basically there is nothing to do in Mexicali” which is actually an urban legend and besides to invite Mexicali families to know enjoy and take care of the city fostering our two ristic culture pushing forward cachanilla identity

Mayor Sanchez invited the community to visit the site http://ww.w. Facebook/115COSASQUEHACER/ to get to know all the details of how to participate and be part of Mexicali promotion and the 115 year anniversary celebrations.

Jose Luis Gonzalez Gonzalez mexicali Economic Development coordinator also said that the challenge is divided in three stages the first one will be from February 27th to March 26th lapse of time the activity suggestions will be received and the process to choose the 115 activities will begin

Then in the second stage from March 27th to May 30th 115 things to do will be published they will be proposed by Mexicali resident there will be information and identification of the places of the definitive list google Map and an informative file

For the third stage go from the 1st of May to August 23rd doing those 115 days kyrie’s out most of the activities and documents it awarded in the opening day of Fiestas Del Sol, Mayor Sanchez said that the first place will be awarded with a 50 thousand pesos reward the second one will get 30 thousand pesos, the third place will get 20 thousand pesos, besides that all the participants will receive tickets for concerts, Fiestas del Sol, sports,  cultural and artistic events and shows and courtesies for hotels and restaurants among other surprises.

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