31 kilos of “Crystal” seized in Mexicali

The State Preventive Police (PEP) and the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) carried out operations in which they secured a total of 31 kilos, of the synthetic drug known as “crystal”,  in Fracc. Villas del Cedro and Colonia Independencia.

According to the authorities, agents of the PEP and Sedena personnel observed a 2004 Ford Explorer truck, obstructing the road on Calle Ibérica, in Villas del Cedro.

The men in the car identified themselves as Alberto “N”, 46 years old, José Eduardo “N”, 26 years old, and Jesús Heriberto “N”, 30 years old, all of them from Sinaloa, as the uniformed inspected the vehicle, they found several packages that contained a white granulated substance, which turned out to be 20 kilograms of the drug known as “crystal”.

Meanwhile PEP agents stopped a Dodge Avenger, that was speeding on Calle Vicente Guerrero, colonia Independencia, the driver identified himself as Alan Gabriel “N”, 24 years old, and he who was found in possession of 11 kilos of “crystal”.

The total amount of crystal seized (31.37 kilos) was sufficient for the preparation and distribution of at least 313,700 doses.

These results are derived from the “Crusade for Security, everyone’s task” (“Cruzada por la Seguridad, tarea de todos”).

Source: SSPE


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