Four judges were ratified within the Penal Traditional System


Four judges were ratified in their respective courts in the so called Traditional Penal System as it is determined in the


Organic Law of the Judicial Branch of Baja California State, according to Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Justice of Baja California, Salvador Juan Ortiz Morales.

Ortiz Morales was in charge of the protocol ceremony to take oath to the four judges being ratified, and he invited them to maintain the attitude of commitment which has characterized them and which has allowed them to receive these ratifications which, according to the current law, can be carried out in a periodical manner.

The four judges which were ratified in their respective Courts are: Ofelia Rios Camacho, Isabel Flores Plascencia, Jaime Galindo Hernandez and Gloria Fimbres Moreno, Baja California State Chief Justice Ortiz quoted the Political Constitution of the State of Baja California, where Article 62 points out that the judges will be ratified up to two additional periods when they have an outstanding performance and once they are evaluated and assessed according to the objective criteria determined by the Law.

During the ratifying process, the four judges were surveilled by the Judicature Council, according to Article Two of the Organic Law, each one of them, aspiring to be ratified, must meet a series of requirements actualizing and keeping updated in the exercise of their work, this means that they must be free of any kind of sanction for a serious fault as a consequence of an administrative complaint.

Finally Chief Justice Ortiz Morales underlined the relevance of being up-to-date as part of the professional formation of those in charge of courts, jurisdictional to advance his or her career within the judicial branch as the four judges did.

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