It’s no joke… “carne asada” could be banned in Mexicali

A series of government reforms in Mexicali seek to establish fines on environmental violations, which include noise, littering on public spaces, and some of these reforms have already been approved by city council committees on Thursday March 1st.

In one of the articles to be modified, the council members debated the wording of article 8, which provides sanctions to those who build campfires, with the exception of those whose purpose is the preparation of food.

However, the director of Environmental Protection, Luis Flores Solis, said that the ideal should be to prohibit any kind of fire that can generate air contamination in Mexicali (which includes “carne asada”). But municipal councilor Héctor Ibarra Calvo, pointed out the need of some low income families to cook with firewood, because they can’t afford a gas stove or electric oven..

Flores Solis said that there is a coordinated plan with the state and federal government, so that in cases of environmental contingency, outdoor cooking, as well as industrial and commercial activities, would be restricted to reduce air pollution levels in the state capital.

Source: 22 Ayuntamiento de Mexicali

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