”Mexicali and San Diego reinforced their relationship”: Mayor Gustavo Sánchez Vázquez

Aiming to and strengthen the personal and business relationship between Mexicali and San Diego as part of the so called “mega-region Cali Baja” and to create a binational dialogue between Mexicali and San Diego, there was a meeting where Mexicali and San Diego Mayors, Gustavo Sanchez and Kevin Faulconer signed an agreement to work together to improve communication and understanding between the two cities.

The meeting took place in the Casa de la Culture of Mexicali, very near the border crossing and it was headed by Mayor Sanchez and his wife, the president of the DIF Family System of Mexicali, Mayor Faulconer as well as members of Mexicali and San Diego City Councils, there were also important businessmen from both cities.

Hosting the event Mayor Sanchez addressed the attendants and talked about the relevance of this meeting where, for the first time, both city Councils representatives and businessman exchanged ideas and shared opinions, perspectives and ideas in an exchange which will be of mutual benefit for citizens of both cities.

“Besides analyzing in how we can work together, I am sure that today we have begun the construction of a solid friendship with communication bridges to improve the regional economy on both sides of the border”, said mayor Sanchez.

On the other hand Kevin Faulconer said that this kind of encounters, are a very effective tool to foster the economic development strategies so both communities get to know the points of view of the other part, so cities such as Mexicali and San Diego can work together to improve and grow in a sustainable manner.

“It is all about working together in order to create a long lasting partnership which strengthens our economies, create more jobs and build a better future for those citizens on both sides of the border”, said Mayor Faulconer minutes before he and Mayor Sanchez signed the agreement which formalizes the fraternal relat0onshjip between the two cities and seeks to improve and accelerate development on both sides of the border.

Local businessmen form Mexicali talked about the Skyworks case, which is a company that has trusted Mexicali and has been around for decades, under different names but becoming one of the cost important foreign investor’s operations in Mexicali, where the company has been able to develop high technology for years and has employed thousands of Mexicans.

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