1st Water Forum was held in the Mexicali Valley

On Wednesday March 7, the 1st Water Forum called ‘Public Policies and Sustainable Development of Water in the Valley of Mexicali’ (Políticas públicas y desarrollo sustentable del Agua en el Valle de Mexicali) was held in the capital of Baja California. It was organized by the civil association Family Welfare, Society, Air and Water of Mexicali (Bienestar Familiar, Sociedad, Aire y Agua de Mexicali).

The issue of water supply for the Valley of Mexicali has been in the foreground since the arrival of the company Constellation Brands to the region, a company that currently builds a brewery in the municipality and which operation has been strongly questioned by various organizations of civil society who oppose its installation.

Ricardo Aguilera, president of the association organizing the event said that it is necessary to dissipate the doubts generated in relation to the issue and clarified that it is not a forum with political purposes, but with an academic focus instead.

The Forum was attended by representatives of various organizations, including one of the leaders of the Committee in defense of water in Baja California.

Rigoberto Campos acknowledged the association’s effort to present information supported by specialists in the subject, which, unlike the State authorities, do not intend to misinform the population in relation to the issue of water supply in the region.

Source: http://www.uniradioinforma.com

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