10 immigrants rescued by PEP police agents from a property in Mexicali

Agents of the State Preventive Police (PEP) rescued 10 migrant people from the Mexican southern state of Guerrero, who were kidnapped and deprived of their liberty inisde a property in the city of Mexicali. The10 immigrants  intended to cross into the United States.

The Secretary of Public Security of the State (SSPE) announced in a statement that the rescue was carried out on the grounds of an anonymous report to emergency number 089, which indicated there was suspicious activity inside a house at the Mission San Antonio neighborhood.

According to the information of a citizen call, screams were heard inside the house next door, and armed people were saw coing in and out of the property. Local police immediately conducted a surveillance operation and located the place that coincided with the description of the complaint.

Police officers said that as they approached the house, they found 10 people from the state of Guerrero, who arrived in the city of Mexicali on March 6, with the intention of crossing into the United States.

They indicated that the person who contacted them to bring them to Mexicali was a man named Herón “N”, who in turn was the contact with the person who would cross them named Gerardo “N”, aka “El Gordo”. They mentioned that the alleged “polleros” charged them five thousand dollars each, but left them locked up in that place. The agents freed the people, who are being assessed by federal authorities, who will follow up on the case, the agency said.

Source: https://www.20minutos.com.mx/

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