Mexicali public transportation contractors on the edge of bankruptcy

Mexicali public transportation concessionaires (private contractors) who claimed to have lost 265 million pesos in 2017 due to the high expenses which they have to assume in order to provide the service, and that there has been little help from Mexicali City Council which lack of decision has caused a lot of problems to them, said Javier Tenorio, public transportation service contractor.

He said that the dollar high exchange rate as well as salaries, auto parts, tires and fuel are severely high expenses they have to assume and they consider that mayor Gustavo Sanchez is considering them and that he has been delaying a decision as of how to help improve Mexicali public transportation service.
He estimated the fees should be around 30 pesos, and there’s a need of “…a real and titanic effort by Mexicali City Council to improve the public transportation service…”, he said that the policies to set up the transportation fees must be in regular timing, as it used to be in the past, for them to be able to pay for the diesel vehicles and the air-conditioned for their units
Tenorio also said that in 90% of all Mexican States, there have been transportation fee raises including Mexico City, Ensenada and that there was a fair “actualization” in Rosarito, Ensenada and Tijuana, where there are fees as high as 19 pesos, with no new units, air condition and their fleets are in “deplorable shape”

“Almost all the concessionaires have had vehicles repossessed by the banks and that Mayor Sanchez might have some other priorities and transportation might not be one of them”, said Tenorio finally.

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