Baja California Attorney General focus on burglars and robbers in Mexicali: Fernández Amador

As part of the strategy against robbery in all its modalities, the General State Attorney of Justice in Baja California arraigned and will process 48 alleged robbers, 30 of them accused of breaking an entry and burglary of which nineteen will face trial from inside jai, said Mexicali General Attorney, Fernando Ramírez Amador
Among the actions against these robbers the State Attorney has made an effort and asked the Public Ministry to keep the alleged criminals in jail until they are declared innocent or guilty.
Ramírez Amador also said that several of them were arrested for robbing bank customers and shopping centers as ewell as mini marts, a problem that has been affecting Mexicali for quite some time now.
Violent robberies and burglaries have been a cobnstant threat top Mexicali residents and Ramirez Amador said that the Ministerial State Police will continue with these and other actions aiming to disarticulate organized bands who have been terrorizing passerbys and burglarizing homes all over Mexicali.

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