Danny Osorno, former soccer star to visit Mexicali as part of the city’s 115 Anniversary: Mayor Sanchez

Daniel Osorno is a Mexican soccer player who played in Atlas and Monterrey among other teams and he was a Mexican National squad member in a career which stretched for 17 years his visit is an important part of the commemorations of the 115th Anniversary of Mexicali, said mayor Gustavo Sanchez in a press conference in the Hall of Fame of Mexicali where he was with Sports Institute Director Julio Cesar De León, and Counselor Alejandro Martinez Estrada from Mexicali City Hall.

Osorno started playing with Atlas, a Guadalajara soccer team, when he was barely 17 years old and during his career he scored 80 goals, his quality in the midfield took him to Mexico’s national team several times, even though he was never called for a World Cup, he scored the goal with which Mexico defeated Brazil to win the Golden Cup 2003.

Mayor Sanchez said that next Friday, March 16th, before the opening ceremony to deliver the new synthetic lawn of the CRM soccer field, which was renovated to benefit 25 thousand people that attend the CRM every month, a 56 years Sports Center which has become one of the community icons, at 7 p.m. Osorno will deliver a Keynote Conference in which he will share his experience in sports with hundreds of young soccer players,  members of sporting clubs from Mexicali an event organized by the Municipal Sports Institute.

Mayor Sanchez also said the improvements in sports infrastructure as well as cases such as Osorno’s are an important part of the attention that Mexicali City Council gives to sports in Baja California capital city and at 8 o’clock, after Osorno’s Keynote Conference, the soccer star and Mayor Sanchez, with other honor guests, will deliver the soccer field new synthetic lawn to the community.

He also said that, as part of the lighting system of the field, there was a renovation and rehabilitation of the arena soccer court and a scoreboard made of safety glass in the Silvestre Cruz Gym, and several handicap access ramps were built, among other improvements in this sports facility in order to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Mexicali.




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