FRESH INK: Mexicali young writers tell their tales in FIL-UABC 2018

When I learned that Lawrence Carbajal was presenting a compilation of Mexicali young writers with our professor I didn’t doubt that the content would be filled with black humor and eroticism, that perversity of our human nature that Lawrence likes an awful lot, the book’s called “Fresh Ink” by several cachanilla young authors and the act took place in the International Book Fair of the University of Baja California (FIL-UABC 2018).
A windy Friday afternoon, I got there late and barely had time to hear a young writer, a girl who was reading a fragment of her tale, word innuendo with the words bergamota shampoo which calls for a peculiar word game, and the urgencies of a young woman who longs for getting blissfully laid.

“I find it scandalous and hard, but it’s well written . . .”, said a woman in the audience at the end of the reading and it really was that way, there were also comments with certain puritan drawbacks questioning the moral quality of what had just been read, but most of the audience filling the Main Hall of the Law School at UABC praised and congratulated the young author.
“No censorship and no obstacles, sexuality has been a fundamental part of the art through History, said Jose Manuel Di Bella, “we need to be free from prejudice, so we won’t cut the freedom of expression of the artist. . .What are we afraid of?”
The authors must understand that the fact of using obscene language, black humor and deal with extreme situations and other gold delicate topics, are no guarantee of literary quality, said Jose Manuel Di Bella while the voices among the audience mostly considered the reading as something very well written, charming and funny, it’s an excellent example to get to know young Mexicali Writers.

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