PEMEX storage terminal blocked by protesters in Mexicali

About 30 people are blocking the entrance to the Pemex storage plant, located in Mexicali’s Colonia La Rosita.

Demonstrators are using cars, stones and even their own bodies to block the way, but as there are no operations at the moment there was no problem.

Although, it is feared that the protesters would stay at the spot for more hours, and interfere with the gas stations’ supply operations.

Demonstrators left the Lázaro Cárdenas monument, and went to the Pemex facilities where they demand the homologation of the price of fuel with the State of Sonora, among other things.

Agents of the Federal Police went to the site and began the dialogue with the group that refuses to move out of the road that leads to the entrance of the Pemex plant, at nightfall men and women started bonfires and threatened to remain there indefinitely unitl their petitions are heard.

Among the people blocking the access, men, women and even children can be observed. The claim to be memebers of the Resistencia Baja California group, who request that the price of gasoline be lowered.

Source: OEM

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