Governor Kiko Vega seeks electricity subsidy for Baja California: 405 million pesos

Aiming to improve last year’s alactric power consumption subsidy, granted to Baja Mexicali in 2017 and which added up to 405 million pesos, Governor Francisco Vega “Kiko” de met with with SHCP officials through the State Finance and Planning Secretary in order to negotiate this year’s subsidy.

This electric power consumption subsidy will benefit the economy of  Mexicali 400 thousand  Mexicali residents directly, as it has been doing for about 12 years, which is an effort of the State Government to support the citizens necessities in Mexicali where, due to the high temperatures occurring in the Summer, implies high electricity consumption, compared to other regions of Mexico.

The Subsidy is granted through the “1-F Fee” which benefits mainly low income population and those who consume up to 2 thousand 500 kilowatt-hour, and the State Executive chief remarked he’s commitment to set up coordination mechanisms with different instances aiming to improve Baja California residents life quality.

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