Former ATLAS team soccer star, visited Mexicali invited by Mayor Gustavo Sanchez

Former professional soccer player Daniel Osorno visited Mexicali, invited by the XXII Mexicali City, through the Municipal Sports Institute, he visited the Institute’s facilities where he was greeted by Director Julio Cesar Leon as well as councilman Alejandro Martinez Estrada and his family.

Osorno talked about the possibility of opening a Soccer Academy to exploit all those Mexicali soccer talents and player, which Osorno says: “There are several talented players and I the soccer level of Mexicali very well”, said Osorno.


He played in several teams, among them Atlas Monterrey and Puebla, and he was also called to be part of Mexico’s national team several times, but he never have the chance to attend a World Cup:”I want to thank Mayor Gustavo Sanchez and Councilman Martinez, who invited me, this is my first time in Mexicali and I am happy to be with you, it’s important to foster sports and I hope to stablish a soccer Academy project here in Mexicali

There is too much talent here, and it is relevant to help them develop their sports skills to keep them away from drugs and alcohol”, said Osorno and added that there are too many foreign players in the Mexican League, he hopes that it would change, but it’s a big business for Mexico’s Soccer Federation: “I think there should only be three foreign players in every team, he also spoke about Mexican national squad head coach, Colombian Juan Carlos Osorio.

He said that Osorio is a well prepared soccer technician and that he was his player in Puebla for 6 months, Osorio has been under the orders of 15 head coaches, all are different, the main idea is to give confidence to the players and for the players to trust Osorio, “because there are many critics and we know that Mexico must be a different process and that the team is going to do well in the upcoming World Cup”, said Osorno finally.

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