Woman found hanging from a tree in Mexicali

A tragedy was registered in Mexicali this Saturday March 24, when a man returned home in Colonia HIdalgo, after shopping for groceries and found his wife hanging from the neck in front of his house.

Around 9:00 AM a call was received at the Command Center C4, which indicated that the body of a woman hanging from a tree was found in the back of the Colonia Hidalgo Wal-Mart store, right next to the railroad tracks, so immediately units of the Directorate of Municipal Public Safety (DSPM), as well as paramedics of the Red Cross and Expert Services went to the place.

When they arrived they saw a man, apparently the victim’s husband, who told them that he left for the Walmart to buy some food, and when he returned, his wife was there, hanign from a tree.

Paramedics of the Red Cross confirmed that the body showed several lacerations in hands and arms, as well as corroborated that it no longer had vital signs, so they proceeded to take the body to the SEMEFO forensics facility.

Source: OEM

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