No relationship between the two executions in Mexicali: Ibarra

This week, two executions with a long weapons were registered in the municipality of Mexicali.

The first one was registered on March 20, where a man was shot outside a taqueria, Bernardo Antonio Linares, 44 years old, was killed while seating insde his car, in drive-by shooting. In the victim’s vehicle a 40-gauge Glock weapon and 3 cartridges with useful shots were found.

The second murder took place on Thursday March 22, when Jesus Martinez Ruiz known as “El Güero Pangas”, was executed with a R-15 rifle, while driving on the streets in the middle of the Mexicali Valley. The expert’s report indicated that the deceased was gripping a handgun at the time of the execution.

On Friday March 23, Attorney General of the State, Perla del Socorro Ibarra reported that so far in the investigations conducted by the ministerial police and the PGR, no relationship has been found between the two executions. She also stated that Martínez Ruiz (aka Güero Pangas), had a criminal record.

Source: SSPE

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