Batman rides the streets of Mexicali

After the video that shows “Batman” riding his motorcycle through the streets of Mexicali went viral on social networks, now it is known that he belongs to the association Super Heroes of Life.

In their Facebook fan page people can see several charity activities and fund raising events for different causes, in which Batman participates.

Super Heroes of Life goals are:

To support the population that is in any type of economic disadvantage, unfortunate event, physical or emotional health problems.

Raise awareness among the population about the importance of supporting others in need.

Carry out activities to generate monetary and material resources to support the needy community. ”

On their own page they took up the video shared by this publishing house

“We stayed with the positive … Batman on the way to the UFK event to live with the families that met and supported our cause, we continue to raise funds for Casa Hogar Fratello”

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